Pan Seared Halloumi and Fried Farm Eggs
Created by: Executive Chef Kevin Hermann
Cook time: 15 mins, Prep time: 15 mins, Serves: 2

1T Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
6oz Halloumi Cheese, Cut into ½ inch Cubes
4ea Farm Eggs
2T Water
2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Black Pepper


1. Begin with adding ½ T olive oil and half of the halloumi to a non-stick pan over medium heat. Reserve remaining halloumi for the next serving.

2. As the cheese begins to brown, stir to brown all sides.

3. Once cheese has browned, crack 2 farm eggs over the cheese; turn down to low heat, add 1 T of water and cover pan with a lid for 2½ min.

4. Uncover; using a spatula, lift the cooked eggs and cheese out of the pan and onto the serving plate. Drizzle with 1T of EVOO and season with salt and fresh black pepper.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the remaining portion of halloumi and eggs.

Serve with toasted ciabatta or sourdough bread.

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